Month: September 2012

October Photo Challenge: Who’s In??

Okay,  I didn't end up doing so well with the photo challenge in September. I wasn't feeling particularly inspired this month. I also got  my first new MacBook and ended up spending a LOT of time learning and exploring the whole new workings of a Mac. Actually, I'm still learning and exploring how Macs work, not to mention I need to get photoshop for Mac now. But, I think I'll be able to participate more fully this coming month. ;) The prompts seem exciting and could be done in a little or a lot of time, depending on my availability. I'm going to try to post the pic everyday on Instagram, and depending on how much I like it (and time availability) I'll post it here. Here's the list. It links to the original blog that dreams up these awesome lists (with more details), so check that out, too!! Who's in??

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

This week's photo challenge from WordPress: Solitary [caption id="attachment_390" align="aligncenter" width="500"] A solitary rosebud[/caption]   Check out what some others posted in response to the prompt: Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary | Carltonaut Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary « Natsukashi Kansai Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary « Last Train to QVille Weekly photo challenge ~ Solitary | holistic complications The Weekly Challenge: Solitary Colleville-sur-Mer Reflection « What's (in) the picture? Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary « For the Love of Clouds and Living Things Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary A lonely Cat « patriciaddrury Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary | Mudutu Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary, Take Two | Wind Against Current Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary | nirvanatrails Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary « Beijing Daily Photo 2 Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary | Muse & Sparrow Photography Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary | Just Snaps Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary | Chittle Chattle Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary | Humbled Pie One…Two (Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary) | Four Deer Oak Solitary Vantage Point | Beyond the Brush Solitary confinement? « Flying South for the Winter Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary | My Sardinian Life | La Mia Vita Sarda Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary « buntscheck Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary « s1ngal Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary « britten Weekly Photo Challenge: SOLITARY SUNSET | Serendipity 13 Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitary (Alone But Not Lonely) | aysabaw Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitary | aysabaw Weekend Photo Challenge: Solitary | the long way home Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary « Pictures for Froghopper…

The Night Sky

Do you love the stars? Are you fascinated with the night sky? I know I am. :) I've been reading a lot about night photography lately. I've always loved the stars and the sky and the whole concept of outer space, so naturally, I want to capture images of it. I've played around a few times with my camera at night, and even made a somewhat pitiful attempt at photographing star trails. So the other night, I set out with my camera, planning to take a whole bunch of pictures of the night sky with a nearly new moon. I thought I might stack them to see the star trails, or maybe time-lapse them so I could watch the stars trek across the sky. Well, as it turned out, Mother Nature disagreed with my plans. I looked outside and couldn't see the sky at all. It was completely obscured with clouds. Ugh. Well, I (hopefully) put the camera on my tripod and set the timer so that it would start taking pictures a couple hours later. Surely, the sky would clear up by then... And I went to bed. Well, you can watch the time-lapse video I made and see what happened for yourself. My husband noted that it looked like the opening of a horror movie, so I set it to some spooky music. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. [wpvideo 6XIBGPLH] Have you ever had grand photography plans spoiled by weather? Let me know…