Wordsmith Studio Weekly Photo Prompt- Jump Shot

If you guys haven’t been over to WordsmithStudio.org to see the latest photo prompt, go now! Here is my contribution for your viewing pleasure.

Why don’t you join me in some photo fun? Take a jump shot of your own and link to it over at WordsmithStudio.org. I’d love to see what you get.

Also there is a new craft article (written by yours truly) on aperture over there. Check it out, you might learn something. Or, even better leave a comment and teach me something. 😛


4 Replies to “Wordsmith Studio Weekly Photo Prompt- Jump Shot”

  1. I really love the setting AND you have a great jumper there!

  2. emilyemcgee says:

    Wow, that is fantastic. What a huge jump! Feeling kind of jealous over here…jealous/inspired!

  3. Great shot! It made me giggle. 🙂

  4. Becca says:

    Thanks, guys. He had so much fun with it. And he loved the result, too.

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