Metal posts a new photo challenge every Thursday. The theme for this week is metal. I am really excited about this one.


I have an old copper carousel that my parents gave to my great-grandmother as a gift before I was born. My great-grandmother passed away many years ago, when I was very small. My grandmother kept the carousel, at my great-grandmother’s request, for me to have when I was old enough. My grandmother passed away a few years ago, but before she did, she found the carousel and sent it to me.


I absolutely love it. It’s so delicate and fragile and a little bent out of shape. I love the colors where the copper is oxidizing. I keep it high on a shelf in my living room for all to see (but none to touch). When I was looking around to find something metal to photograph for the prompt this week, my eyes fell on the carousel. Perfect!! So I took it out into the (cold) sunshine and took a few photos. 


Do you have an old family keepsake? What about it’s appearance betrays it’s age?

For my writer friends, this makes a great writing prompt. Try to imagine the item when it was new. Who might have wanted it, seeing it on a shelf in the store? What might have happened to it? 

Be sure to let me know in the comments! And get out there and have some photo fun.

Becca ♥

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  1. Very nice Becca. You and Bolton are doing a great job with the photo challenge. I promise I will join in as soon as I get my life back under control.

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