Modern Life posts a new photo challenge every Thursday. The theme for this week is modern life.

We have a narrow closet behind the wall that our TV is on. It’s the technology hub of the house. All phone, satellite TV cables, internet cables, and home automation is routed through there. It’s kind of a disaster.


Looking through there for something really techie, I saw the circuit boards that route all the home automation in the house. It looks very modern to me. And it’s how I can control all the lights in the house from my iPhone.



What so you have lying around that betrays the technology of your life? What is a part of your “modern” life that you can’t live without? I’m not sure I could make it without my MacBook.

For my writer friends, turn this into a writing prompt. Technology makes for a great horror story. You could write about a small child knowing more about some electronics than the adults. I know my daughter, who is two, can pick up my iPhone or iPad and navigate straight to her favorite games and start playing all by herself. A little scary.

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments! And get out there and have some photo fun.

Becca ♥

4 Replies to “Modern Life”

  1. Wow! That closet is pretty amazing! Looks like some real techies live there! Nice shots!

  2. Great shots, Becca. You must really dread the words “power outage.”

    • Becca says:

      Nope. 🙂
      We live up on a mountain, in the woods of WV, so we have a few outages every year. We invested in a gas powered generator that automatically comes on when the power goes out. It’s great!

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