My 100th Post: Lost…

lightThe first thing I remember is the sound of the machines.

(Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.)

Then, a rustle and a whisper.

“Carrie, page Dr. Allen. I think Liv’s waking up. Her color is much better.”

The door closed softly.


I opened my eyes, and immediately scrunched them closed again against the light. I tried again, a little more slowly, and squinted.

“Hello, there. My name’s Sarah. Can you tell me your name?” I looked up at a tiny blonde in pink scrubs covered with teddy bears.

“I…” (Cough, cough.) “Sorry, I… I’m not sure.” She patted my leg.

“That’s alright. Just rest. The doctor will be here soon.” She scribbled on a clipboard (scratch, scratch), and I scanned the room and took a mental recap: I’m in a hospital. She must be a nurse and the doctor will be here soon. How is this all I know? I don’t feel hurt or ill. Why am I here? How did I get here? And, maybe most importantly, who am I?

The door opened and my heart monitor skipped a beep.


This 180-word flash fiction piece was written for Trifecta Writing Challenge Week 73. Write 33-333 words using the third definition of the word “color”:

Happy Writing and Photo Fun,


P.S. This is my 100th post!! Woo Hoo!

19 thoughts on “My 100th Post: Lost…

  1. Lumdog

    This is a great intro to what sounds like an interesting story. I love that you wrote this from the perspective of the patient who has no memory. What a great angle!

    1. Becca

      Thanks!! This is actually the first 180 words of the novel I’m writing. I just started it a couple weeks ago but I’m pretty excited about it. 😀

  2. jannatwrites

    I like the ‘heart monitor skips a beep’. I imagine it would be terribly confusing to wake up in the hospital like that, but it sets the scene for an interesting story 🙂

  3. atrm61

    Loved the way you added all those physical elements in this well crafted, intriguing story:-)Can’t wait to read more of it-I hope you are going to write more,aren’t you?


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