Oh, Here I Am… Drink Up!


Sorry I haven’t been around much lately.

I’m in the beginning stages of planning my newest novel. I’m really excited about it, so it’s been hard to pull myself away. I’m using the Snowflake Method, and it’s fantastic. If you are a writer and haven’t read about it, click and do so now. You won’t regret it. Besides planning ahead, like I’m doing, it’s great for organizing and mapping works you’ve already written, too.

Since I’ve been focusing most of my writing on this new project, I probably won’t be posting much of my fiction writing here. Unless, of course, I come across a particularly inspiring prompt and just can’t resist. 😉

I will, however, still be posting responses to at least one photo prompt a week. I love my photo prompts too much to resist, and they are a great break from writing when I need one.

drink-upSo, without further ado, and in response to the Wordsmith Studio’s Weekly Photo Prompt, I say, “Drink up!”

Moscato is my favorite wine, light and fruity, and just a little bubbly.

Feel free to grab your favorite beverage and toast with me.

“To inspiration.”



Becca ♥

4 Replies to “Oh, Here I Am… Drink Up!”

  1. michellepond says:

    Cheers to you and to inspiration, Becca.

  2. That looks delicious!
    Happy writing!

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