I’m addicted to reading.

The world could fall apart around me, but if my nose is in a book, I wouldn’t even notice. I have a hard time putting a book down before it’s finished. Even (especially) when there’s something else I should be doing, like writing, laundry, dishes, and even wiping baby butts.  All I need is my kindle, and a soft, warm blanket, I’m lost to the world.


What about you? What are you doing, instead of what you should?

Daily Prompt: Addicted

10 Replies to “Addicted”

  1. With me, I’ll have the book and the blanket, plus a good cup of hot tea. Freezing here at the moment.

  2. Love how the Kindle screen looks like in the picture 🙂 A nice cup of cocoa sounds good. I’m currently reading blogs while I should be editing a piece…

  3. patchesmany says:

    I’m also an avid reader. Also though for me is cross-stitch.

  4. DianaC says:

    I can definitely agree! All I need is my Nook and a warm tea, and nothing else matters!

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