Got Community?

Writing is not usually a team sport. It lends itself to the solitary lifestyle. Some days, I don’t even change out of my pajamas, let alone shower.


But this is where writing communities can be helpful. And I’m involved in a few.

I’m a founding member of an online group of writers. We call ourselves Wordsmith Studio. It is a fantastic group that is always ready to provide encouragement, comment on work, and inspire you to new heights. I love it!


I’m also a founding member of a local writing group, Wicked Wordsmiths of the West. We met through NaNo write-ins and word sprints last November. We normally meet once a month at the local library and share resources, short pieces of writing, and have fun writing activities. We are currently prepping for NaNo this year and meeting once a week to plan our projects. Once November starts, we’ll be meeting at least once a week for word sprints to cheer each other on to our word count goals.

And I’ve recently joined another online writing group, Writer’s Carnival. This online group is centered around writing and reviewing. Before you can post your writing, you must review at least three pieces already posted. This ensures everyone is getting peer feedback. They also have tons of great contests with cash (and other) prizes. For another month, you can join and get a year membership free, but after that they will begin charging a small fee. So HURRY! The newest addition to this group is Classes. They’ve got three starting in a little over a week: Starting a New Blog (taught be me!), Starting Your Novel, and Self-Editing. Since this is the first group of classes being offered, you can get them at a discount. There are lots more planned to start in January and make fantastic gifts for writers (hint, hint). 😉


Do you belong to any groups, online or otherwise? How do they help keep you motivated and on task? Are you looking to join a writing group? Feel free to visit the ones I mentioned above. They are all very welcoming to new members. See you there!

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  1. Arphaxad says:

    Thank you for posting about Writer’s Carnival. I signed up and will be looking around.

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