barren bare tree gnarled bark

Not Even the Trees

Warmly colored leaves soften the cold forest floor beneath me. I scour the sky for meaning, in vain.

The encroachment of evergreens and branches keep secrets. I shriek for answers that will never come, and tears burn unimpeded into my ears.

But no one’s listening to me, not even the trees.

And you’re still gone.

barren bare tree gnarled bark

Written for Week 2 (Relationships) of Jane Ann McLachlan’s Memoir & Backstory Blog Challenge 

(Read about the 2013 Challenge  – click here)

2013 Participants:
Jane Ann McLachlan
Joy Weese Moll @joyweesemoll
Amanda M Darling
Katie Argyle
PK Hrezo
Claudette Young
Kay Kauffman
Deb Stone    Twitter: @iwritedeb
Gerry Wilson
Susan Hawthorne
Satia Renee
Pearl Ketover Prilik

Rebecca Barray (occassional)
Lara Britt  (occasional)
Linda G Hatton (occasional)
Stephanie Ingram (Unable to join us now – maybe later)

Signed up but haven’t posted yet:Terri Rowe, Anastacia, Stacey ReneTalynn

6 Replies to “Not Even the Trees”

  1. joyweesemoll says:

    That last line is so well set up and very poignant. Love the photo, too!

  2. A beautiful poem – the last line is haunting. Great photo – really captures the mood. So glad to have you join us!.

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