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Flash fiction, and an occasional poem, written by Rebecca Barray.

I’m Published!

Both my fiction and my photography are being published this month! I'm SO happy! I feel like a "real" writer and photographer now. ;) "My Angel" is a very short story in the July 2013 issue of the literary magazine Mouse Tales Press. Currently, the magazine is online, but this issue will be the first available in print, and very soon!    ***July 10, 2013 Update: Mouse Tales Press now available in print!!*** "Imagination" is a highly saturated photograph that graces the cover of the No. 12 issue of the literary and art magazine Enhance. There is also a spread inside the magazine showcasing my photo book. This magazine is currently available in print! You can order copies here. Go buy some copies and support these wonderful literary publications!! Love, Becca ♥

The Full Moon Forgives

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it, not really. I mean, I considered it, but the possibility of death was slight.” The full moon makes no reply. “Okay, then. Thanks for listening.”   Photo taken for Wordsmith Studio Prompt: The Moon on May 24, 2013 at 11:44PM EST, with a Pentax K-30 and settings: 300mm; f/5.6; ISO 400; 1/640s. Flash written for Trifextra 69: Confession. Join the writing and photo fun! Becca♥

Oh, Here I Am… Drink Up!

Hello! Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I'm in the beginning stages of planning my newest novel. I'm really excited about it, so it's been hard to pull myself away. I'm using the Snowflake Method, and it's fantastic. If you are a writer and haven't read about it, click and do so now. You won't regret it. Besides planning ahead, like I'm doing, it's great for organizing and mapping works you've already written, too. Since I've been focusing most of my writing on this new project, I probably won't be posting much of my fiction writing here. Unless, of course, I come across a particularly inspiring prompt and just can't resist. ;) I will, however, still be posting responses to at least one photo prompt a week. I love my photo prompts too much to resist, and they are a great break from writing when I need one. So, without further ado, and in response to the Wordsmith Studio's Weekly Photo Prompt, I say, "Drink up!" Moscato is my favorite wine, light and fruity, and just a little bubbly. Feel free to grab your favorite beverage and toast with me. "To inspiration." "Cheers."   Becca ♥

Making Love in the Library

“Please?” “No, Alex. Absolutely not.” Mary slammed the book,  and returned it to the shelf. He pressed his body against hers, breathing heavily in her ear. “Well… maybe,” she sighed. “Just this once.” This 33-word flash fiction story was inspired by Trifextra 67: Onomatopoeia.This photo was inspired by two photo prompts:the Wordsmith Studio Weekly  Photo Prompt: Booksand the Daily Post's Weekly Photo Challenge: PatternHappy Writing and Photo Fun! Becca ♥ (extreme multi-tasker)

What Would Happen…

A stranger's green eyes glanced in my direction. I pressed the elevator button, diamond-encrusted wedding set throwing sparks. After depressing another button, his hand brushed mine. Then, my tongue slipped past his lips. This 33 word flash fiction was written for Trifextra Week 65: use a hyphenated compound modifier. Inspired by "What Would Happen" by Meredith Brooks.

The Secret Eater

I started collecting secrets when I was just six years old. At least, that’s the first one I can remember. I collected secrets like other boys collected marbles. I even kept them in an old milk jug, at first. They sparkled for me, mostly greens and blues. The prettiest ones were my favorites. Secrets are everywhere now, in high school. Sarah loves Jimmy. Heather slept with Jimmy. Jimmy loves Sarah. Heather hates Sarah, even though they appear to be best friends. Most are not even worth the time it takes to collect them, so fleeting. Jessica sashayed around the corner, Chris not far behind her. I didn’t usually bother with sexual secrets. Boys were prone to bragging, so the secrets never lasted. But the shame on Chris’s face was intriguing, so I took a chance. Walking behind him down the hall, I began to draw the secret from him. It’s shimmery mist floated into my hands, a bright red visible only to me. As it began to from a tiny, hard sphere, I entered a state of ecstasy and the secret brought me sustenance as images flashed behind my eyes: Jessica, on her knees behind the gym (no secret there); and Andrew and Jessica making out at the bowling alley while Chris lusted from afar. This was a little more intriguing, because Jessica’s wasn’t the intimacy he craved. I might be able to feed from this secret for a while. I tucked it into the 5th pocket of my Levi’s; it would…

My 100th Post: Lost…

The first thing I remember is the sound of the machines. (Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.) Then, a rustle and a whisper. “Carrie, page Dr. Allen. I think Liv’s waking up. Her color is much better.” The door closed softly. (Click.) I opened my eyes, and immediately scrunched them closed again against the light. I tried again, a little more slowly, and squinted. “Hello, there. My name’s Sarah. Can you tell me your name?” I looked up at a tiny blonde in pink scrubs covered with teddy bears. “I…” (Cough, cough.) “Sorry, I… I’m not sure.” She patted my leg. “That’s alright. Just rest. The doctor will be here soon.” She scribbled on a clipboard (scratch, scratch), and I scanned the room and took a mental recap: I’m in a hospital. She must be a nurse and the doctor will be here soon. How is this all I know? I don’t feel hurt or ill. Why am I here? How did I get here? And, maybe most importantly, who am I? The door opened and my heart monitor skipped a beep. ---------------------------- This 180-word flash fiction piece was written for Trifecta Writing Challenge Week 73. Write 33-333 words using the third definition of the word "color": 3: complexion tint:   a : the tint characteristic of good health   b : blush Happy Writing and Photo Fun, Becca♥ P.S. This is my 100th post!! Woo Hoo!

Never Again

“I can’t do this anymore.” Martha wiped the tears from her cheeks. “I won’t cry my heart out, waiting for you at night, anymore.” She rolled his body into the river. “Never again.” This 33 word flash fiction story (with an idiom) was written for Trifecta: Trifextra Week 61. Check out some of the other entries and leave some comment love. Happy Writing and Photo Fun! Becca♥

Grammy’s Tomato Soup

I laid on the bed, staring out the window as the sun started to set. It was all I could bear to do. I saw him in everything. When I closed my eyes, his lopsided smile lit up his eyes. When I went outside, the sun was the warmth of his hand in mine. I blinked and a tear slid down my cheek, brushing the exact spot of the last kiss he gave me. My stomach knotted and I remembered that I hadn’t eaten. “Don’t come in here trying to infect everyone with your melancholy, Jo Lynn. I’ve had about enough.” Grammy scolded me without even looking up from the large pot on the stove. “But I loved him, Grammy. I’ll never love anyone else the way I loved him as long as I live. He was the one. You just don’t understand.” I plopped down at the table, sighing heavily. I couldn’t go any farther. “Oh, I reckon I understand well enough,” she smiled. “You just need some a’ Grammy’s tomato soup. It’ll cure what ails ya.” She sat down a bowl on the table. “Grammy… there is no cure. I feel like I’m gonna die,” I groaned. “Jo, take your soup out on the porch. It’s a little chilly, so put on your sweater first.” I started to complain, but she cut me off. “Just go. I have a feeling that a little fresh air is just what you need.” * I was only halfway through my soup…


“About time…” Christy rolled her eyes with a huff. “Don’t start.” Sam slammed the door of Christy's old beater and buckled in as she pulled away from his house. “I’ve had enough this morning from my mom.” He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. “We’re gonna be late for school again.” Christy lifted one hand in response to Sam’s glare. “Just saying,” she whispered, knowing Sam’s mom rode him hard to be prepared for college. “Hey,” she smiled with a sideways glance as she stopped at the crossroads. “Let’s go bowling.” Sam laughed, “Yeah, right.” “Come on, you’ve got straight A’s; I don’t think one absence is gonna matter.” Sam hesitated, torn between desire and duty. “At least you won’t get another tardy.” Christy’s lopsided grin broke him. “Ugh,” Sam groaned. “Why not?” “Sweet.” Christy turned left, away from the high school and toward the bowling alley with a smile. “Excellent decision.” This 154 word piece was written in response to an awesome weekly writing prompt I just discovered over at Every week they choose a word that must be used in your writing between 33 and 333 words. And you must use the word according to the third definition. This week's word is: TIME (noun) 1a : the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues : duration b : a nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future…