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The Full Moon Forgives

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it, not really. I mean, I considered it, but the possibility of death was slight.” The full moon makes no reply. “Okay, then. Thanks for listening.”   Photo taken for Wordsmith Studio Prompt: The Moon on May 24, 2013 at 11:44PM EST, with a Pentax K-30 and settings: 300mm; f/5.6; ISO 400; 1/640s. Flash written for Trifextra 69: Confession. Join the writing and photo fun! Becca♥

Making Love in the Library

“Please?” “No, Alex. Absolutely not.” Mary slammed the book,  and returned it to the shelf. He pressed his body against hers, breathing heavily in her ear. “Well… maybe,” she sighed. “Just this once.” This 33-word flash fiction story was inspired by Trifextra 67: Onomatopoeia.This photo was inspired by two photo prompts:the Wordsmith Studio Weekly  Photo Prompt: Booksand the Daily Post's Weekly Photo Challenge: PatternHappy Writing and Photo Fun! Becca ♥ (extreme multi-tasker)

For the Birds…

You may have noticed that the Wordsmith Studio prompt for this week is Birds. The first one is a turkey vulture. I think they look cool cause they are big and have red heads. The next one is a hummingbird. If you've ever had hummingbird feeders, you know what they sound like. Every time I hear one, I duck for cover. They sound like the loudest, biggest bee you've ever heard in your life. But they look awesome, with their wings flapping so fast that they can hover in place and dart around. Some of them, like the one above, also have pretty ruby throats. The last photo was a total fluke. I was taking a picture of a squirrel stealing seed from the bird feeder (you can just see him on top of the feeder), and a grackle flew right through my line of sight. Of course, with the camera up to my face, I never saw the bird. It was a little scary when I looked back through the photos I had taken of the squirrel.  We love birds here at my house. We have more than 15 feeders and regularly see finches, hummingbirds, doves, titmice, woodpeckers, grackles, robins, bluebirds, cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, and probably others that I just can't think of right now. The birds are just starting to come out and I'm looking forward to watching them all summer. Happy Writing and Photo Fun! Becca♥  


For the Weekly Photo Challenge at DailyPost.WordPress.com. Happy Writing and Photo Fun, Becca ♥ Check out more colorful photos: Weekly Photo Challenge: Color « Life&Ink I’m a Tweaker | Beyond the Brush Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | Writing Reveries Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | The Land Slide Photography Weekly Photo Challenge: Color « Trail of Crumbs Weekly Photo Challenge:Color | My Visual Arts Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | North of Park Weekly Photo Challenge – Colour | Tvor Travels Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | Isadora Art and Photography Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | efenerr Weekly photo challenge: Color | Connie's World 1 day in my life | the terrain of symmetry Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | Travel. Garden. Eat. Weekly Photo Challenge: Color 3 (Tulips and a little Windmill) | What's (in) the picture? Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour | A Little British Pea ... Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | Playing for Time Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | My Elegantly Cluttered Chamber :: Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | Belo Horizonte daily photo Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | Long delays possible Weekly Photo Challenge: Color – Fresh Whitewash and Silk | Humbled Pie Weekly Photo Challenge: Primary Colors | Slam on the Brakes, Pull Over, Take the Picture Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | Living the Bliss Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour | The Serenity Space Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | A Number of Things Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | cancerinmythirties Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | fingerprintwriting Weekly Photo Challenge: Color | joy cannis photography Weekly…

Never Again

“I can’t do this anymore.” Martha wiped the tears from her cheeks. “I won’t cry my heart out, waiting for you at night, anymore.” She rolled his body into the river. “Never again.” This 33 word flash fiction story (with an idiom) was written for Trifecta: Trifextra Week 61. Check out some of the other entries and leave some comment love. Happy Writing and Photo Fun! Becca♥

Spring has Sprung… I guess

What? This isn't what you think of when you hear "Spring"? Just let me say, "Me neither." Alas, it is officially Spring here in WV and this is the weather. It actually makes me tear up a bit. *Sniff, sniff* Well, I guess I'll just have to look at the photos of others' Spring over on WordsmithStudio.org for the prompt this week, and dream of warmer days... Happy Writing and Photo Fun, Becca ♥

Phoneography: My Neighborhood

This week's challenge over at WordPress's Daily Post is: Phoneography: My Neighborhood. The challenge is to take some pictures of your neighborhood, using your phone. There's not much of a "neighborhood" where I live, but I took my phone for a walk around my house. Here, I'll show you. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] My Driveway[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] The driveway of my closest neighbor to the left and their house. Look harder, there's a white house there behind the trees.[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] My closest neighbor to the right. Again, look closer, there's a red house behind the trees this time.[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="225"] My backyard[/caption] Check out some others' neighborhoods (or neighbourhoods, if you like ;) ): Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood | Bams' Blog Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighbourhood | A Little British Pea ... Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood | Moving Notion Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood | Shail's Nest Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood | Gobetween Flames Weekly Photo Challenge: Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood | cupcaketravels a walk in my neighborhood | Wondering Rose Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood | Pictures for Froghopper Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood | MaanKind Phoneography Challenge: My (new) neighborhood | I Am an Afterschool Special Weekly Photo Challenge: my neighborhood | Eat, travel, photograph Weekly Photo Challenge: There Goes My Neighborhood | Serendipity 13 Tigers in the neighbourhood | Travel with Intent Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood | My Life Afterglow Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood | TantienHime's Blog Weekly Photo Challenge : My Neighbourhood…


The prompt for this week over at WordsmithStudio.org is Early. My photo is double early. This little guy got up too early today. Yesterday, I signed him up for preschool, and it just seems too early for that. He's growing up too fast. But I guess they always do...

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

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The prompt over at WordsmithStudio.org this week is Broken. We've been checking things out around the house. Spring will be here before you know it, so we walk around outside the house. We have to decide where we want new plants, if we want to move some plants we already have, and what new plants we might want to get. Out in the front foundation garden, I found my little fairy had been knocked over and her wing was broken. That fits perfectly with this week's prompt, so I brought her inside and sat her at the counter, to photograph later. When I went back a couple days later, with camera in hand, I found her fixed. It turns out that my son had seen that she was broken and glued her back together for me. You can still see where she was broken, so I took some pictures anyway. Here's my contribution. You should check out the prompt and show me yours. Enjoy! Love and Photo Fun!! Becca ♥