Full Developmental Edit Plus Book Map

A Full Developmental Edit on your entire manuscript. I will read through your manuscript, taking superficial notes on any issues I find with plot, structure, character development, pacing, setting, conflict, and other things. Then, I will read through your manuscript again, taking in-depth notes and making comments and suggestions (queries) in the manuscript itself where necessary. I will also create a spreadsheet book map of your novel with rows for each chapter. Columns will be created for plot summaries, each main character (interactions, growth, and GMC), settings, subplots, and conflict. If there are other issues you are specifically worried about and request, or issues I consistently see problems with, such as POV or dialogue, I can add these columns for tracking as well.

You will receive an editorial letter (email) outlining 3-5 big picture issues, along with suggestions for addressing them. You will also receive your manuscript with queries throughout. Most of those queries will be concerning the issues outlined in your editorial letter. You will also receive the spreadsheet map of your novel. You can then choose a one-hour Zoom meeting or 1-2 email conversations to discuss your letter and any questions you may have.

The cost of this package is $3000 USD.

Ready to Work?

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