Who I Am

I write some, and copy edit some, but what I love most is helping writers discover the complete and satisfying story that gets them excited to write it. I guess most people call this book/story coaching. I also help writers make the stories that they have already written down the best they can be. People mostly call this developmental editing. I’m a perpetual student, constantly working on expanding my knowledge and offerings. I work mostly in the Romance genre, but also have experience with Mystery, YA, and Middle Grade fiction.

I’ve been writing stories since I could hold a pencil, and editing professionally for the last ten years. I am a member of multiple writing/editing groups, including Romance Writers of America (RWA) and Editorial Freelancers Association (EfA). I have taken many courses on writing, coaching, and editing, including courses from Margie Lawson and Michael Hauge, and I’ve nearly completed the coursework through Club Ed to earn certification in Developmental Editing.

I am a work-from-home mother of three (four if you count my husband). I hold a BS in Biology and an MS in Biomedical Science (emphasis in Neuroscience and Human Anatomy)…so I’m a bit of a science nerd. You can friend me on Facebook, like my writer page on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest, though I don’t spend a lot of time on social media. Any free time is usually spent with my nose in a book, or a crochet hook in my hand.