Open Coaching

This is an open coaching session. It can be used to flesh out your story idea into a plan or outline. It can be used to review a single chapter for craft issues such as dialogue or character GMC. It can be used to solve problems you’re hearing from beta readers or critique partners. It can be used for accountability, to make sure you are completing a new chapter every week. It’s up to you. These can be Zoom meetings if you’re comfortable, or email conversations if you prefer to avoid face-to-face meetings. Please note, if extensive reading or preparation is required outside of the meeting, this will diminish the time spent in the meeting.

1 hour: $100 USD

3 hours: $285 USD

5 hours: $450 USD

10 hours: $850 USD

Ready to Work?

Contact me to set up a meeting or email exchange to see if we are a good fit to work together and which package/service will meet your needs.