Story Check

Story Check is an overall check of your full story synopsis. I will check your synopsis for plot, story structure, character development/growth, story problem/goal, pacing, theme, GMC, and the fulfillment of your genre promises, among other things.

You will receive an editorial letter (email) outlining 2-3 big picture issues, along with suggestions for addressing them. You can then choose a one-hour Zoom meeting or 1-2 email conversations to discuss your letter and any questions you may have.

You must have finished a 2-10 page synopsis of your whole story to get this package. If you need help writing a short 2-5 page synopsis, choose the Story Check Plus package.

The cost of this package is $500 USD.

Ready to Work?

Contact me to set up a meeting or email exchange to see if we are a good fit to work together and which package/service will meet your needs.